Which Days Does My GP Work?

At times we appreciate that you wish to see either your named accountable GP, or a GP who you've previously seen with an existing problem. Below is a table outlining the days of the week each doctor works. Please note that during times of leave e.g. annual/study leave, this is subject to change.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dr Angus Ferguson Dr Angus Ferguson Dr Angus Ferguson Dr Sanjeet Kumar (am only) Dr Angus Ferguson
Dr Sanjeet Kumar Dr Olie Morris (am only) Dr Nadia Fisher-Plum Dr Nadia Fisher-Plum Dr Sanjeet Kumar
Dr Sarah Evans Dr Hana Burgess Dr Sarah Evans (am only) Dr Saima Faizi Dr Sarah Evans
Dr Olie Morris Dr Saima Faizi Dr Eleanor Crump Dr Kirti Rokade (pm only) Dr Olie Morris
Dr Penny Ward    Dr Penny Ward   Dr Hana Burgess (am only)
        Dr Eleanor Crump

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