Clinics and Services




Nursing Services

Our nursing team are  accessible via pre-booked appointments. They are highly skilled and can offer the following services:

They are also available to offer advice on lifestyle matters such as losing weight, stopping smoking and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to ask at reception to make an appointment to see one of our nurses.


Additional Services

Diabetic Eye Screening

A visiting retinopathy van comes to the surgery as part of the screening programme. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes you will be included on a call forward programme for screening. For further information please contact the surgery.


Baby Immunisations - This service will continue during Covid-19 

There is a baby immunisation clinic at the Shirley Health Partnership. You will be sent an appointment date and time in the post when immunisations are due. If you do not receive an appointment or have any questions about immunisations please contact one of our practice nurses via reception. Please click here for the NHS recommended vaccination schedule


First Contact Physiotherapy (FCP) Service

FCPs see patients with (suspected or diagnosed) musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions as the first point of contact, instead of a GP. This is a self referral service open 8.00 am to 10.00 pm Mon to Sun. Please call 02380 170610.


Maternity Services

Maternity Self-referral - I'm pregnant - what happens next?

If you're more than five weeks pregnant you can refer yourself directly to our maternity service using this link. Please provide as much information as possible, as this will help us to provide you with the most appropriate care.

Once your form has been processed, the information will only be shared with the people caring for you. You'll be contacted by our triage midwife to discuss your referral and let you know the next steps. We aim to do a full booking appointment in week 10 or 11 of your pregnancy. We'll also advise your GP that you're pregnant, as we're obliged to let them know we're caring for you as it may affect other health conditions they are helping you with.

The community midwife is responsible for antenatal and early postnatal care. She organises parentcraft classes and home visits. She is available for advice in all aspects of maternity care and you may contact her through reception.

Maternity services are based at the Princess Anne Hospital on Coxford Road, just across the road from Southampton General Hospital. There is also a birthing centre based within the New Forest in Ashurst.


Minor Surgery

We undertake some minor surgery procedures in the practice. These procedures involve careful assessment, explanation, consent, treatment, and post-operative information. Each of our doctors has their area of special interest and are able to offer a range of different procedures.


Travel Vaccinations

We offer a limited travel health clinic at the surgery. Please click here for more information.


Warfarin Clinic

Warfarin is commonly prescribed to patients in order to reduce their chance of a stroke. This is a medication that requires special monitoring and we are able to do this in-house using a finger prick blood test. The clinics are run by our practice nurses and closely monitored by your GP.