Teenagers and Young People




Right....so you are looking here and this is a good start! That probably means you are interested to some degree in your health. There are lots of resources out there for information about things you might be worrying or confused about. There are links to some trusted sites on the bottom of this page.

Research shows that once people leave school they become less physcially active. We now know that if you can keep physically active throughout your life you are less likely to get a whole heap of illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

image of young students

If you don't know how to start or how to get back into being active here suggestions: walk instead of taking transport, hop on your bike, buy some roller blades, go for a swim, fly a kite, kick a ball, dance, take the stairs, and have fun living well...

Most of all we believe that we can help you make the right choices to help you grow into the independent, healthy young adult you want to be. We won't judge you; we will listen and hope that we can help if you are worried or confused about your health, however embarrassing you might think your problem is. Book to come and see our practice nurses or see your own GP for a check-up.


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