Teaching and Training




Training and video analysis

We are a training practice and are proud to continue a long heritage of GP training in the practice. We have registrars in General Practice who are in their final stages of their GP training. They are fully qualified with at least three years postgraduate hospital experience, and are available for consultation.

Video recording of consultations take place all year round, the purpose of which is to review the consultation skills of existing GP's and for use in training and assessment of registrars. The receptionist will let you know if a video session is taking place, and ask you to sign a consent form. Please do not feel obliged, but be reassured that the videotape will only be watched for training and appraisal purposes.


Medical Students

We teach students from Southampton University medical school. You will always be given the choice if you mind having a student sitting in on a consultation.



We are extremely proud to have apprentice receptionists as part of our reception team. They are young persons 16/17 year old who we offer apprenticeships over a period of 12 - 18 months with our partner provider Boom Training.



The practice participates in medical research and computer data may be used. Patients have the right to request that their computer records are not included for the provision of medical research studies. 


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